Saturday, June 5, 2010

Iman Ali: Pakistani model bare feet

Iman Ali bare feet
Pakistani Model and Actress

Iman Ali (born: December 19, 1980) is one of the most gorgeous and talented model and actress in Pakistan's multimedia industry. In the scene below she lies in her bed with her gorgeous bare feet resting for all the audience to see.

Iman Ali resting

The lucky guy gets to be so close to her

She has one of the most gorgeous pair in whole industry

Gorgeous from head to toe

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  1. Iman Ali specially her feet are too beautiful that I like to kiss her feet

  2. She can challenge Katrina Kaif soles, in fact,her feet resembles like Deepika.

  3. She has so beautiful feet, i even love to lick

  4. Iman ali feet are so beautiful and sexy i want to suck her toes. Iman please give me erotic footjob.

  5. iman you are perfect but your feet are special.i want to become your dog to lick your feet